Bethany (euphonious_glow) wrote in dearcaptain,

Some well-earned respect for a talented artist

I'd just like to post here to express my appreciation for Paz's music. I first became aware of her through APC, and since then I've bought both of her solo CDs from iTunes (would love to have the actual albums, but I learned about them too late to get them on myspace). The music industry is a difficult place for a woman to become established in a unique way. But Paz really impressed me with her performances with A Perfect Circle, and her solo work is also incredible and different. She inspires me as a woman who has been able to succeed in a field generally dominated by men. I also think it's admirable that she keeps in contact with her fans on her myspace and seems like a very down-to-earth and positive person.

Yellow mY skYcaptain always cheers me up, and TV Snow is one of my favorite songs. Whenever I listen to Songs for Luci (my sympathies for her loss, as well) I feel calm and thoughtful, and being a fan of string instruments I think it's refreshing to hear them emphasized, since some of my favorite songs from APC had Paz's violin in them (the end of Rose and 3 Libras, especially). I'm very interested in words as well in music, and Paz's lyrics are quite beautiful and effective.

Paz seems to truly care about the quality and honesty of her music, and I look forward to hearing about any new projects she works on. I'm sure she is very happy doing what she loves, and I wish her the best in her musical and personal endeavors. She's still young, I'm sure there are plenty more to come =)
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