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Obama says... "GET A JOB" [09 Apr 2010|11:42am]

Employment Testing Locations
If a city near you is not listed, please contact the local Secret Service field office to inquire about the next testing date



Washington, D.C.

Uniformed Division
Police Officer Selection Test (POST)
Date: Monthly
Location: Qualified applicants will receive advance notification of the date, location and time of the exam.

How to Register for the POST Exam

Individuals residing in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area are invited to contact the U.S. Secret Service at (202) 406-7540 to register for the exam.

Applicants interested in applying for the position who reside outside of the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area should contact the U.S. Secret Service field office nearest their current residence. The field office is responsible for interviewing and testing all local qualified applicants.

After registering for an exam, please bring the completed application packet with you to the test.

Uniformed Division Recruitment Center: (202) 406-7540
Human Resources and Training Recruitment Program: (202) 406-5830

The U.S. Secret Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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Big Sur (beautiful forest beast) [23 Feb 2008|02:36am]

[ mood | cold ]


The most beautiful thing
I've ever seen
Is tearing through my
forest, green
I rake my brain
I claw the scars
I hide when close
The beast is far
So nice and sweet
behind the glass
I cry and hope this beast
will pass


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REPEAT [22 Feb 2009|05:21pm]

PAZ went overbored.
Who was Left?
20 goto 10

read my last post in my LJ

Life sucks without my guitar :(
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Troubadour Photos [23 Jan 2009|11:30pm]


Hi Everybody! Just wanted to share some peektures of THE ENTRANCE BAND from their Troubadour show on January 15, 2009. It was a wonderfully spectacular show which included The Growlers and Indian Jewelry. :)

((click thumbnails for larger view))

...and here are a few from their x-mas show:

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Some well-earned respect for a talented artist [23 Aug 2008|11:30pm]

I'd just like to post here to express my appreciation for Paz's music. I first became aware of her through APC, and since then I've bought both of her solo CDs from iTunes (would love to have the actual albums, but I learned about them too late to get them on myspace). The music industry is a difficult place for a woman to become established in a unique way. But Paz really impressed me with her performances with A Perfect Circle, and her solo work is also incredible and different. She inspires me as a woman who has been able to succeed in a field generally dominated by men. I also think it's admirable that she keeps in contact with her fans on her myspace and seems like a very down-to-earth and positive person.

Yellow mY skYcaptain always cheers me up, and TV Snow is one of my favorite songs. Whenever I listen to Songs for Luci (my sympathies for her loss, as well) I feel calm and thoughtful, and being a fan of string instruments I think it's refreshing to hear them emphasized, since some of my favorite songs from APC had Paz's violin in them (the end of Rose and 3 Libras, especially). I'm very interested in words as well in music, and Paz's lyrics are quite beautiful and effective.

Paz seems to truly care about the quality and honesty of her music, and I look forward to hearing about any new projects she works on. I'm sure she is very happy doing what she loves, and I wish her the best in her musical and personal endeavors. She's still young, I'm sure there are plenty more to come =)
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yo no soy marinero [04 Jul 2008|10:27am]

Paz. Paz for Governor. Paz for First Lady. Paz for Lead Vocalist. Paz for Piano Man. Paz be unto you. Until it sleeps in my darkest hour house is a very very very fine house. Teach ye our children well-wishing wishing well spells. I dance with TV Snowbunnies. Even snowmen get the blues.
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[06 Apr 2008|04:22pm]


You can buy the guitar strap Paz is modeling at HaLo-Haley Love's store at Etsy.com
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[05 Aug 2007|02:51pm]

Pictures by Rachel Mayer

a few more...Collapse )
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Photos from Clean Air, Clear Stars! Festival [05 Aug 2007|01:14pm]

Photos by Jeanne Lund

more pictures...Collapse )
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Entrance Live Videos [05 Aug 2007|11:33am]

@ Echoplex

2 more short videos...Collapse )
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[02 Aug 2007|09:23pm]


one more...Collapse )

Photos by Paul Goertzen
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Entrance @ The Henry Miller Library in Big Sur [21 Jul 2007|12:10pm]

Photos by Travis Keller.

Click for HUGE versions!

more photos...Collapse )
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Zwan German Interview [19 Jul 2007|02:16pm]

YouTube hates me... let's see if they'll keep these videos up.


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Ana Lenchantin [14 Jul 2007|07:41pm]

Paz's sister Ana has a myspace page!

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Entrance @ the Arthur Benefit Show [03 Jul 2007|10:21pm]


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Icons [25 Jun 2007|12:14pm]

Hola! I made a huge bunch of A Perfect Circle icons, with a fair amount of Paz Lenchantin. Check them out at my journal. Some of these icons are not work safe.

[8] Cristina Scabbia
[2] The Mummy
[36] Linkin Park
[42] Weak and Powerless, A Perfect Circle Video
[101] The Outsider, A Perfect Circle Video
[37] Judith, A Perfect Circle Video
[41] 3 Libras, A Perfect Circle Video
[17] Thinking of You, A Perfect Circle Video
[23] Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums, A Perfect Circle Video
[17] Bikini Bandits: Sauvent Le Monde (feat. Maynard James Keenan)
[32] Bikini Bandits Experience (feat. Maynard James Keenan, Cory Feldman, and Dee Dee Ramone)
[7] Misc A Perfect Circle
[363] Icons in all


1 2 3

This post was too large to fit into one entry, so it's divided into Part 1 and Part 2. Just click the link below and it will take you to the "glossary".

You don't see me...
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photo by alissa anderson [18 Jun 2007|09:17pm]

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Entrance live @ Parish 6/12/07 [18 Jun 2007|11:04am]

photos by Aasim Syed

more photos...Collapse )
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Entrance @ The Empty Bottle 5/28/07 [10 Jun 2007|01:11pm]

I just realised that this forum had it's 3rd 'birthday' on Thursday. So, uh, Happy Birthday! :)

Here is a great review of an Entrance gig, with some awesome pictures included!

review & pictures by Radio Free Chicago...Collapse )
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Entrance live at SixthST Warehouse [08 Jun 2007|10:13am]

photos by George Tapia

more photos...Collapse )
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